Not only a perfect time measuring instrument -your small museum, which is always with you !

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      Ten Reasons to Wear Artus Exclusive Watch on Your Wrist

      An exclusive timepiece can be as versatile as the gentleman sporting it. As a collector’s item for the connoisseur, as utility with high symbolic value, as a lifetime gift for those who are so important to your heart or as a fashion accessory – they are far more than instruments that measure time. Here are 10 reasons, why high-end Artus watches are inevitable for all men, who appreciate the exceptional and beautiful.

      01. Craftsmanship. This is the just equal to the Beauty of Luxury watches. We belive in the idea, that the watch doesn't gain value from the celebrities who endorse it or even from the brand name itself. A watch gains true value from the amount of craftsmanship, that goes into it - how much of it is hand-built or designed using true ingenuity and thoughts. Both Artus Limited editions (real limited ones - 9 watches in edition max) and our main speciality - one of a kind unique in one> example only watches with handpainted by best masters ( professional miniature painters who studied 5 years in State Art school of Palekh (гипер ссылка на and have art pieces in State museums) dials. They are handlacquered and handpolished, too. You could see gold detailing on miniature painting done under the magnyfing glass with 21 K gold, with the wolf teeth polishing for special shining effects; up to seven layers of urushi type natural lacquer, egg tempera style of painting like on ancient Russian icons dates back to 14th century and maki-e techniques based on Japanese old engravings; hand polishing with the warmth of human hands.

      02. Jewelry: First of all, luxury watches are simply stunning. Watches can be pieces of exceptional beauty, just as any accompaniment, one might think. Watches, however, have a special status linked to the functional excuse of measuring the time. Even though wristwatches were initially worn by women, they are now, first and foremost, a male fashion accessory. And ultimately, it is the one item that can make serious difference in a very thin scope of action a man wardrobe allows. And in Artus watches, besides posible solid gold cases and gold detailing you could see the using of mother of pearl and gold backgrounds on some models - so called raden and chinkin techniques.

      03. Emotional Value: Watches are attached with emotions, as it accompanies its wearer in good times and bad. Not only are they physically with you, but actually present when indicating the most precious good we have. As gifts received from our closest friends and family members, watches can mark special events in life such as milestone anniversaries, weddings or professional achievements. Quite commonly, they are passed along from one generation to the next. So there is a good chance that even your future great-grandson is going to spend time with your favorite timepiece on his wrist. That is the reason we try to touch all the possible themes of interests you may think about. And we make custom ordered models - what ever you may be dreaming of - portraits, lovely pets, your favourite painting from Louvre, your house etc. - there are no limits, really. We have been making Artus exclusive fountain pens besides watches for many years, they have received many international awards, Best Fine Art Pen of the Year 2013 and 2014 to name a few. We always participate in Inetrnational shows and fares and place advertisements in special magazines to promote Artus. Check the history section to know more.

      04. Perfection: Perfection is like the holy grail of watchmaking. Even the best manufacturers won’t ever reach it entirely, but they will always seek it with endless commitment. Not only from a time-measurement standpoint, but also regarding its aesthetics and quality of manufacturing, is the pursuit of perfection one of the key reasons to buy a luxury timepiece instead of a 3-dollars quartz watch. Artus watches consist of Swiss parts only - movements (Swiss Rondo 700 series or ETA 2824 mechanical movement, which could be visible through elegant translusent backcover), sapphire crystal glasses, top grade genuine leather straps, jewellery stainless steel gold or silver plated cases or solid rose gold, if requested - everything is manufactured under strict control of our Swiss supplier.

      05. Functionality: Your watch is always there when you need it. It has 30m water resistance. It brings you joy of beauty together with perfect time measurement for many years.

      06. Punctuality: Punctuality is part of a gentleman’s code of conduct, reified by his Artus watch. Next to actually supporting a successful time management, high-end watches are therefore also material artifacts that dignify the importance of time on a symbolic level.

      07. Exclusiveness: There is no doubt that it is desirable to own something special that distinguishes you from most other people. There is no doubt that exclusiveness is about social status. For most watch aficionados, the motivation of owning something rare and unique primarily arises from the mere awareness of owning something exceptional, rather than paying attention to what others might think. There are actually just two countries in the hole world nowadays with art schools capable for this top level of miniature paintings - Russia and Japan, there was another one decades ago in Germany - but it is gone. Your Artus watch is nearly unique as you are.

      08. Mobility: Yes. Even though they generally come without wheels, watches are quite mobile. Unlike a harem of sports cars or a selection of exclusive wines, or fine art painting on your walls you can take it anywhere without any notable effort.

      09. Timelessness: Some previous points were already linked to the aspect of timelessness. But think about it - what else in your life is designed and crafted for such a long period of time? We stand behind Artus watches for the lifetime, dials will be polished if needed any time you need for free. We provide two years International warranty covering everything besides serious mechanical damadge which is easy to estimate. Authenticity certificate with full info will be provided. All watches have engraved matching numbers on a rear side. We provide solid wood gift cases and handpainted watch cases for many models to keep your Artus watch safe and intact.

      10. Statement: Do you prefer classy oriental Dragons or Works of Father of modernism - Alphonso Mucha on your watch? Maybe it is the Italian Venice view or a Lovely Panda that arouses your interest? The decision for a particular watch contributes to telling others who you are and what you like in this amazing world. Not only that, but also the mere fact of wearing an exclusive watch that nobody else have in this entire planet - if that idea corresponds to your heart - then you have come to the right place. We will bring Beauty and Perfection to you!

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